Al -Busyra fi Manaqib Khadijah al Kubra

Remarks by Abuya Assayyid Ahmad bin Muhammad Al Maliki


In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.


All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Peace and blessings be upon the noblest of messengers, our lord Muhammad, and upon all his family and companions. After that:


This book is the first official printing and reference work in the series of works by his father, Imam Al-‘Allamah Al-Muhaddith Assayyid Muhammad bin “Alawi Al-Maliki Al-Hasani (d. 1425 AH) – rahimahullah wa radhiya ‘anhu -. This book was printed several times during his lifetime. May Allah benefit the author’s knowledge in this world and the next.


This new edition has the advantage of having been re-examined and revised by the author himself before his death – rahimahullah wa radhiya ‘anhu -. Allah, the Almighty, has allowed us to do our best to correct some of the traditions, arguments, and quotations of the scholars. We then compared these with the books that were referenced, following the methodology of the author, and then this publication – praise be to Allah – emerged looking like a stunningly beautiful dress.


We always ask Allah to give us His guidance. and to accept the efforts of this endeavor. Indeed, He is the Guide and the Almighty.


May Allah always shower blessings and peace upon our Lord Muhammad, his family and companions. And all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.


Assayid Ahmad Muhammad bin Alwi Al Maliki Al Hasani









In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.


All praise be to Allah who has glorified this universe with the sending of the noblest human being born on the surface of the earth, our lord and master Muhammad, a Prophet who is holy, praiseworthy, the owner of the greatest intercession, the owner of the pool that is visited, the base of all goodness, the owner of a noble lineage from the mother, father and grandfather, who is the chosen person of the universe, a role model for all humans, whose prophetic light moves in the foreheads of his predecessors. The day of his birth, the day of his resurrection, the day of his victory are lanterns for the universe. The rising of the sun of guidance and knowledge is due to the rising of the light of his face, like the rays of dawn that spread throughout the universe.


May peace and blessings be upon Sayyidina Muhammad, the leader of all leaders. The perfect person of behavior and nature, the owner of broad light, high rank, straight principles of life, solid religion, noble lineage, high degrees. Peace and blessings be upon the family of the Messenger of Allah, his companions, his wives and his children and grandchildren, and peace be upon the tabiin who followed in his footsteps. And may it be poured out on Sayyidah Khadijah, a woman who was blessed with great honor, blessings from accompanying and accompanying the Messenger of Allah. She has achieved a high degree because of her khidmah to the Messenger of Allah and confirmed his prophethood, who has fully supported his preaching journey, sustained and helped him.


As for after that,


This article is a gift from the Prophet Muhammad, as well as a divine gift, about the managib (biography) of Ummil Mukminin, Sayyidah Khadijah, about the merits of the wife of the Prophet Muhammad, about the best life figure than some other women, life figure learned from the perfect character of the Prophet, the role model of all people of the end and the beginning of time.


We have compiled some of these managibs so that every assembly and association will be honored by its name, whether it is in an urban or rural area. We selected them from the hadiths of the prophet and the sayings of the Companions and Taabi’een found in the books of history. We also added other information that would be acceptable to the great hadith memorizing Imams, such as any beautiful praise (for Sayyidah Khadijah), not from false hadiths or those rejected by the scholars. So at this point, we will begin writing the biography of Sayyidah Khadijah, with the help of Allah.


* The Noble Lineage of Sayyidah Khadijah


We say:


Sayyidah Khadijah is our princess, Khadijah bintu Khuwailid bin Asad bin Abdil “Uzza bin Qushay al-Asadiyyah. Her lineage meets that of the Prophet Muhammad in the grandfather named Qushay, a man who had united all the tribes of Quraysh back again to the city of Makkah.


While his mother was named Fatimah bint Zaidah bin al-Asham from Banu “Amir bin Luay bin Ghalib. How noble is this holy lineage, which is also the lineage of the Prophet.


Allah has protected Siti Khadijah from the filth of the jahiliyyah. Allah has protected the dignity of this pure princess and guarded her from all kinds of insults and trials, with His very strict guard. Hence she was nicknamed Sayyidah Thahirah (the pure princess). How great is this beautiful gift.


He is also known by the nickname al-Kubra (the greatest), because of the greatness of his personality on several occasions. And this nickname is very worthy and appropriate for him.



* Birth and Beautiful Behavior of the Jewel


Siti Khadijah was born 15 years before the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. She grew up in a pure home, from a good lineage, grew up on noble behavior and beautiful morals. She was a perfect woman. Perfect paras and wits, beauty and honor. She was a firm woman, a woman who was good in all matters. A woman of good judgment and wisdom in all her affairs. The owner of strong hunches, high spirits, precise opinions, knowledge full of precision and anticipation. Allah made her a wealthy person, with extensive favors, with many servants and attendants. Allah gave him so much wealth that he was able to hire people to trade his wealth in a lawful way, and to pay them according to the agreement, so that the people around him could benefit equally.


So it appears that the hidden things of these blessed morals, as well as the beautiful and holy traits, in the crown of prominent achievements achieved in the community of jahiliyah society, in the form of her high rank, towering reputation, Sayyidah Khadijah is likened to a precious jewel, pure, calm and firm. A woman who would be the glorious base of her noble offspring, who became a tree of ripe fruit, whether for individuals or the public.


Yaa Robbi, spread the fragrance of Your pleasure on her and grant us some of the secrets that You gave her. Yaa Allah, send peace and blessings on her husband Sayyidina Muhammad as well as on his family and friends.


* Captivated by Budi Pekeni Al Amin


And indeed Allah has willed this pure princess to be able to achieve the glory of this world and the majesty of the hereafter. So the news about the Prophet Muhammad reached him. Since then he has tried to seek certainty about the news with full consideration and full confidence. It appeared to him that the Prophet Muhammad was someone whose glory was agreed upon, whose piety, purity and trustworthiness were clearly visible. He was an honest man, justified by Allah, a noble man, not to be surpassed or defeated.


Sayyidah Khadijah believed that working with a person of this nature was good fortune, and that entrusting goods to him would – insha’Allah – result in a large profit. So it wasn’t long before Sayyidah Khadijah invited the Messenger of Allah and offered him her trading plan, on the condition that he sold her merchandise for more money than other workers.


So the Prophet Muhammad accepted the offer and set out from the land of Haram with the merchandise to the land of Levant. And this trip was the second trip there, because it was never heard that the Prophet Muhammad traveled to the Levant except twice, in different years. As has been narrated by reliable hadith narrators.


Sayyidah Khadijah also sent her male servant named Maysarah and ordered him to be serious in helping the Prophet. So then Allah put a sense of love in Maysarah, so that this sense has controlled his mind and heart. With this sense of love, Maysarah helped the Prophet with sincerity and accompanied him well.


Maysarah also clearly saw some of the hidden things in the Messenger of Allah, and heard with her ears the stories about the Messenger of Allah. Including the words of the priest of Nastura. The words of this priest are not a myth or a legend. When the Prophet stopped at a tree there, the priest said, “Who is this man whose good looks exceed the moon in the firmament?”. Maysarah replied, “This is one of the noble ones from the land of Haram.” The priest then said confidently, “No one stops under this tree except the Prophet or the Messenger.” ‘


Then he asked again, “Is there always a red color in the cornea of his eyes?”. Maysarah replied, “Yes”. The priest said again, “This is the last of the Prophets, so happy is the one who believes in him.”


Then when the Prophet traded in Sham, there was a dispute over the price of some goods, between the Prophet Muhammad and a local resident. The man told the Prophet to swear by the names “Uzza and Latta, as was the custom among the Arabs when there was a dispute. So the Prophet said, “By Allah, I will not swear by those names. And indeed when I meet the statue, I always turn away from it.” So the man said, “The price you set is the right one, your opinion is the right one.” Then the man said to Maysarah, “By Allah. Indeed this man is a Prophet and we are fortunate to have his glory, with him being in this market. Indeed he is the prophet that the priests found in our scriptures.”


One of the signs of the Prophet’s prophethood that Maysarah witnessed was that Maysarah always saw a cloud that shaded only the Prophet, not others in the heat of the sun. And some narrations say: Maysarah saw two angels who always shaded the Messenger of Allah.


After the Messenger of Allah had completed his task and Sayyidah Khadijah’s goods had been sold, he returned to Makkah with a very large profit, with abundant profits. There was great joy on Sayyidah Khadijah’s face. She praised his efforts with gratitude and looked at him with admiration, full of respect, honoring the Messenger of Allah with very high respect. So at that moment the beauty of the Messenger of Allah’s person was imprinted in the heart of Sayyidah Khadijah. She kept the high value in her chest. And that feeling increased even more, after Maysarah told all the signs of Allah’s power that happened to the Messenger of Allah, about strange events, miracles that were not from ordinary humans. All of which were signs of prophethood.


Maysarah tells about the clouds that always accompanied the Messenger of Allah wherever he stepped, as if the clouds were the best of friends. Maysarah also recounted the contents of the Nastura priest’s conversation, about the obedience of the camel ridden by the Messenger of Allah, about the shortening of the distance of the earth that was far to become closer, about God’s guidance that was always with him at every step, about the pebbles, the rocks that suddenly became soft after being stepped on by his feet. All this is what Maysarah kept in her heart and what her eyes saw.


Maysarah also recounts the beauty of the Prophet’s behavior, his manners, his interactions. In addition to the information that has already passed, about his honesty in speech, his trustworthiness, the nobility of his character and his religiousness. These noble qualities and morals were present in the Messenger of Allah and had been proven to be strong in Sayyidah Khadijah and she had believed in them. Sayyidah Khadijah felt confused about her feelings, there was a vacillation between her heart and feelings, whereas shortly before this happened, Sayyidah Khadijah had repeatedly rejected men who came to propose to her, while they had rank and wealth, finally they went home empty-handed and disappointed.



* Proposals and Weddings


And when Allah willed eternal happiness, high honor for Sayyidah Khadijah, higher than all the women of the earth. Then came her determination, not to waste this golden opportunity.


And it became clear to Khadija that the prophet Muhammad was the treasure and the miraculous knowledge she had been looking for.


So Siti Khadijah chose the Messenger of Allah as her companion, a clean, honest person, who would later lead all humans. One whose face showed signs of intelligence and good looks. Someone who accumulates the value of perfection and majesty. Someone who has the spirit of leadership, signs of success and will one day become a role model. So there is no step that should be taken except to invite and offer himself for marriage. Sayyidah Khadijah proposed to the Messenger of Allah and said, “O son of my uncle, indeed I want you to be my life companion because of our kinship, because of your glory and your high rank.”


In a narration, Siti Khadijah sent Nafisah bint Munyah as an investigator. She asked, “Why don’t you want to get married yet?” The Prophet replied, “I have nothing yet.”


Nafisah, “What if all these things are covered and you are desired by a rich, beautiful, capable woman?


Messenger of Allah, “With whom?”


Nafisah, “Khadijah.”


So he agreed to it.


And Sayyidah Khadijah saw piety, zuhud and shyness, all in the Messenger of Allah and had become his character.


News had come to Sayyidah Khadijah that the clouds and the trees were shading the Messenger of Allah with shadows.


Word has also reached us that the time for the fulfillment of the promise of a messenger from Allah has come.


So Sayyidah Khadijah invited the Prophet to get married. And how fortunate it is when smart people achieve their goals. “


At that time Allah inspired the Prophet to agree to this wish, so this match was a blessed step. Then the Prophet asked his noble uncles for their opinion and they supported the marriage. Sayyidina Hamzah came forward and expressed this intention to Sayyidah Khadijah’s uncle – according to a narration to his father -. But according to the sound opinion, the father of Siti Khadijah, whose name was Khuwailid, had died before the battle of Fijar.


So the Quraish rulers assembled, headed by Abu Talib who was then the spokesman of the Quraish. He said: “Praise be to Allah who has made us the descendants of Prophet Ibrahim and the grandson of Ismail, the grandson of Ma’ad, the grandson of Mudhar. Allah has made us the managers of the Ka’bah and the caretakers of the haram land, who have made for us this house the destination of the ummah throughout the world. Making the holy land a safe place, making us the leaders of humanity.”


“Then this nephew of mine, whose name is Muhammad bin Abdillah, if he is compared to other people, he will definitely be superior. Materially he is still lacking, because wealth is like a shadow that will disappear and wealth is something that changes. And my nephew Muhammad you already know the genealogy of his relatives. He has proposed to Khadijah Bint Khuwailid, he has given her dowry, whether due or in cash, with some money from me. And by Allah, after this not too long, he will have a big surprise and a horrendous behavior.”


Then Waragah Bin Naufal stood up and said, “Praise be to Allah who has made us as you have said, and given us glory as you have named us one by one. We are the leaders of the Arabs and their rulers. You are worthy of all this honor, no family of ours denies your excellence, and no Arab denies your excellence. And we do wish to have a marriage relationship with you. So witness, O people of Quraysh! That I have officially married Khadijah bint Khuwailid to Muhammad bint Abdillah with a dowry of 500 dirhams.” Then Waragah stopped speaking.


Abi Talib then said: “I want Khadija’s uncle to speak.”


So Sayyidah Khadijah’s uncle stood up and spoke: “Behold, O Quraysh, that I have given Muhammad Bin Abdillah in marriage to Khadijah bint Khuwailid.”


And it was witnessed by all the leaders of Quraysh.’


It is mentioned in the book of Sirah Ibn Hisham that the Messenger of Allah gave a dowry of 20 fine camels”. According to another narration: 12.5 ugiyah of gold.


All of this information does not contradict the content of Waragah bin Naufal’s sermon that has already passed (that Sayyidah Khadijah’s dowry was one hundred dirhams), because the two dowry information can be compromised with the estimated price, or interpreted that one of the two gifts was in the name of dowry, while the other was a gift from his uncle Abu Talib to Sayyidah Khadijah, or the Messenger of Allah added a dowry from himself and the other was a gift from his uncle. And all of that can be called dowry.


Our Prophet Al-Amin was married to our princess, the mother of all believers. When he was fully twenty-five, and she was forty.


And the author of Gurratul Abshar said:?


And when the Prophet returned (from his journey to Sham) to the city of Makkah, when he was 26 years old, he got married. With Sayyidah Khadijah who was then 40 years past her age.


On that occasion the Prophet slaughtered a camel or two, this made his lovers rejoice, their chests became spacious, more and more happiness spread, joy appeared on their faces, bandaged the hearts that were previously wounded, people who have hasud will not be able to lead and further dissolve in sadness.


Abu Talib said, “Praise be to Allah, who has taken away all our hardships and sorrows”.


And the poet states in his verse: ‘


O Khadijah, do not be averse to Muhammad, for he is a bright star like the star of Pherkad.


Before Sayyidah Khadijah married the Messenger of Allah, Sayyidah Khadijah was married to two people. They were Hindun Abu Halah bin Zarah from the tribe of ‘Adi, and the second “Atig bin ‘Aidz bin Makhzum Al-Ourasyi. The scholars disagree as to which of the two was the earlier to marry her, as there is no strong evidence to determine that.


And Sayyidah Khadijah had sons from other than the Messenger of Allah namely Abdu Manaf and Hindun (woman). They are from a husband named “Atig. According to some narrations, this Hindun


converted to Islam and was fortunate to gain the status of a companion and recognized Muhammad’s prophethood. Sayyidah Khadijah also had a son from Abi Halah who was also named Hindun (male). This Hindun was a great companion, who followed the battles of Badr and Uhud. She was the one who narrated the famous hadith, about the physical characteristics of Prophet Muhammad.


She was killed during the battle of Jamal in the ranks of Sayyidina Ali Bin Abi Talib karramahullah wajhah. Some narrations say that this Hindun died in Bashrah of the plague of Tha un. It is said that 70,000 people died in that incident.


It was told that when everyone was busy taking care of the bodies of their respective families, Hindun’s body was ignored. No one wanted to take care of her. So at that time someone shouted: “O Hindun…! O poor stepdaughter of the Messenger of Allah”. Immediately, all the bodies that had been carried were placed on the ground and people scrambled to lift Hindun’s body. The place turned into a crowded place’, all directions were filled with a sea of people who wanted to lift her body, so that because of so many people lifting, the body was lifted only with fingers.


Some people said: “The one who died because of Tha’un was the son of Hindun, whose name happened to be Hindun”. This is a difference of opinion among the scholars.


This Hindun was an eloquent, literary person. She was able to write the qualities of a person in beautiful words. She has narrated the attributes of the Messenger of Allah in charming and precise language. He said, “I am the son of the noblest of men, whether of father or mother, whether of brother or sister. My father is the Messenger of Allah, my mother is Sayyidah Khadijah whom Allah blessed. My brother is Oasim. And my sister is Fatimah.”


Sayyidah Khadijah also had two sons by Abu Halah, in addition to the children mentioned above. The first: Thahir, the second: Halah. This first one is not famous. ‘


* The Husband Receives the Message


Sayyidah Khadijah also had several important roles with the Prophet that we should be grateful for. There is no mention of any revelation or prophethood.


Messenger of Allah, except Khadija’s name was always mentioned with him. And we will tell the story of the first revelation, so that we can better understand how important the role of Sayyidah Khadijah is and how high her glory is.


It should be noted that the first sign of the Prophet’s prophethood was that when he passed by a tree or stone, these objects would always say, “Assalamu alaika, yaa Rasulallah,” and many other signs of prophethood. The most famous is the dream that always comes true. The Prophet never saw anything in his dreams except that they would come true.


Then Allah gave him the inclination for solitude. There was nothing he loved more than being alone. So every year the Prophet stayed in the cave of Hira’ for a month to occupy himself with worship and contemplation about the kingdom of the earth and the sky. When he would climb the cave of Hira’, Sayyidah Khadijah always provided all the supplies and fulfilled all his needs. Preparing everything, both food and drink, as well as facilitating everything that she was able to do, so that all the wishes of the Prophet were carried out. Thus, he could fully concentrate on worship, focus on facing Allah, in a state of spaciousness, apart from everything that could forget Him.


When Sayyidah Khadijah felt a long time without seeing the Messenger of Allah, then Sayyidah Khadijah was willing to leave all her affairs, she was willing to go to the place where her lover was, while her heart was full of anxiety worrying about the Messenger of Allah. And when Sayyidah Khadijah found the Messenger of Allah immersed in a sea of dhikr, immersed in the monotheism of Allah, was merging his heart with his mind, Sayyidah Khadijah immediately went back home and did not say a word to the Messenger of Allah, so as not to break the concentration of his dhikr on the Khalig. She preferred to wait for the arrival of the Messenger of Allah at home, trying hard to eliminate the anxiety, trying to comfort her own heart rather than disturbing the concentration of the Messenger of Allah.


It is said that Sayyidah Khadijah had the right premonition, had a sharp vision, a clear mind. She strongly believed that someone like her husband, Sayyidina Muhammad Al-Amin, would one day carry a high spirit, a soul full of enthusiasm, would bear a glory that had never been known by the Quraysh absolutely. Added to this was the story obtained from Maysarah her slave, who had passed on her explanation. She strongly believed that her husband, one day, would have a very big matter, would be the talk of the traveler or the resident, would make a new historical record, would make the world staggered in astonishment, confusion and pride.


How great was the inner eye of Sayyidah Khadijah who always looked at things with truth and love. A view that always protects the Messenger of Allah with affection, which covers all his circumstances. How great was the compassionate heart of Sayyidah Khadijah, who always provided the Prophet Muhammad with her care. Her heart was always beating loudly, expressing joy, while waiting, when the day came when the flag of victory was planted, the day the new government law was promulgated.




Day after day passed by following the usual routine, then not even the Prophet was 40 years old, suddenly came the day determined by Allah to deliver news from the sky. Right when the Prophet was in a position to worship in the cave of Hira’. While previously Allah had shown some signs of his prophethood. At that time all the doors were opened, and came the angel Gabriel, the messenger of Allah, while the Prophet Muhammad was awake, not asleep. The messenger said,: “Read! The Messenger of Allah replied: “I am not a reader? And I am not among the readers.” The messenger then hugged him so tightly that it became difficult for him to breathe and his body weakened. The messenger then repeated his order. The Messenger of Allah refused again. So the messenger hugged him again tightly, and did not let go of his body until the body almost fell down. Then the third time, the messenger recited:


Recite by (mentioning) the name of your Lord Who created. He has created man from a clot of blood. Read, and your Lord is the Most Gracious. Who teaches (man) with the medium of the pen. He taught man what he did not know. (OS. Al-‘Alag: 1-5).


How great is the good news that is delivered by the hand of kindness, from the bosom of the giver of pleasure, to the noblest of people This is also confirmed in the verse:


(God) the Most Gracious. Who has taught al-Ouran. He created man. Taught him how to speak. (OS. Ar-Rahman: 1-4)


And there is no doubt that the Messenger of Allah is the one referred to in Surah Ar-Rahman, who was taught by the Most Rahman Rahim.


So the Messenger of Allah returned to his wife, after witnessing this event of honor, in a state of heart still pounding with fear because of what he had seen, in the form of the loudness of the voice heard, the strength of the recitation read. He would have lost his heart had he not been strengthened by the help of Allah. The Messenger of Allah said: “Cover me, cover me!”. Then Sayyidah Khadijah took a blanket and covered the body of the Messenger of Allah.


And when the fear had gone, the Prophet said to his wife,: “I fear for myself.”


My father, my mother and myself are his ransom -. Sayyidah Khadijah replied,: “No. By Allah, Allah will never humiliate you. Allah will grant you glory, rank and dignity. Your noble qualities are many. You have always maintained brotherhood. Your hands never cease to give gifts to guests. You always bear the distress of the miserable, always strive for things that do not exist. You entertain guests. You always help those who suffer from being wronged, to every wounded heart. Be strong, O son of uncle, for only for you is this good news given. By Allah, I am sure that Allah will not treat you except well. And I testify that you are the Prophet that this ummah has been waiting for. Now your time has come. My servant has also told me about this, and the priest of Bahira has informed me about your prophethood. And ordered me to marry you before 20 years ago.”


Then Sayyidah Khadijah went with the Messenger of Allah to Waragah bin Naufal to narrate the incident in detail. Once they got there, Waragah said to the Messenger of Allah,: “Tell me yourself, O my clever master”. Then the Messenger of Allah recounted what he had seen and heard from Archangel Gabriel. Waragah said: “By Allah. He is the noble angel who descended on Moses, the prophet of the Israelites. Had I been physically fit at that time, I would have supported you and helped you in your mission”.


In some narrations it is explained, when the revelation first came down, Sayyidah Khadijah said to the Prophet, “When your friend comes with the revelation (Angel Gabriel) let me know”. And when Archangel Gabriel came, the Prophet told him. So Sayyidah Khadijah said,: “Sit on my right”. So the Messenger of Allah sat on the right. Sayyidah Khadijah said, “Do you see him?”


The Prophet replied, “Yes, I saw.”


Sayyidah Khadijah: “Sit on my lap”. So the Messenger of Allah sat on Sayyidah Khadijah’s lap.


Sayyidah Khadijah said, “Do you see him now?”. The Messenger of Allah replied: “Yes”. Then Sayyidah Khadijah removed her headscarf and asked, “Do you see him now?” The Messenger of Allah replied, “No”. Sayyidah Khadijah said, “This is not a devil, he is indeed an angel of some angels of Allah”.


Archangel Gabriel had come to the Messenger of Allah in the house of Sayyidah Khadijah. A clever person will always contemplate and think about all his affairs.


Then Sayyidah Khadijah uncovered her veil in order to be sure, was this a revelation or was it talk out of a trance?


Archangel Gabriel then disappeared when she removed her veil. In fact, he would not appear again until Sayyidah Khadija covered her hair again. ‘


Sayyidah Khadijah took this action in an effort to be cautious in her choice of religion and to increase her confidence, while the Prophet Muhammad from the beginning had believed that it was revelation, without any doubt or hesitation.




And at that beautiful moment, the world was blessed with the sending of the Prophet Muhammad. From a mountain worthy of recognition, on the day appointed by Allah, the sun shone and illuminated the universe with a new light. Nature welcomed him with a happy morning. Whereas in the days that have passed, the universe has always welcomed the appearance of the morning sun with its light, but all of them have not brought goodness or happiness to mankind. How often the sun shines, but the heart is dark. How many times the sun is bright, but it is evening in the heart.


But from that shady place and from the top of the arid mountain, which is solid, but not towering. What never happened in some of the big cities, with their progress, with their modernity, with the height of their education, with the splendor of their offices, happened. From that mountain emerged Allah’s gift to this ummah with the sending of the Prophet Muhammad, who would one day remove suffering, would illuminate the darkness.


There will be sunlight that will awaken the universe, after a long period of negligence, nature will try to find out about the key to prophethood, which is able to straighten the crooked mind, and then the ugliness of shirk, worship of statues, and the lies of jahiliyyah khurafat will be revealed.


With the sending of Prophet Muhammad, there was a change. The wild disposition of the jahiliyyah had now turned into a disciplined and clean disposition. The grace that was wasted has now become radiant due to the guidance of the beloved of God. The grace had moved to a higher position, to the position of motivating good and warning against evil, to the position of commanding good and forbidding evil. The grace flowed like rushing water or a burning fire. So there were changes in all fields. Turning a camel herder into a leader of the people, into a caliph who rules the world, who is able to solve all kinds of problems, into a hero of the country, into a conqueror of the nation, who is dignified and in charge of several armies.


With this change, there is justice everywhere, the light of truth spreads, disputes among people decrease, false witness disappears, and things change for the better. Merchants now become honest and trustworthy, the rich become generous, the poor become able to maintain their honor and strive to earn, those who have jobs become more earnest and beneficial, those who used to be leaders now become humble and compassionate, the head of the storehouse is now good at guarding it and understands how to spend it, and the judge becomes just and wise.


From this kind of community, the honesty, the trustworthiness of the merchants emerges. The poor seem content. Workers will be seen to be persistent and sincere. The rich will be seen to be generous and helpful. The judge will see his justice and wisdom. The ruler will appear sincere and compassionate. The leader will show his humility and compassion. The servant will appear his ability and prudence. So the sending of Prophet Muhammad #&, is like spring for this universe, and like fertile soil, it benefits the soul of humanity.




* Women with Special Personalities


Indeed, Allah has given various privileges to Sayyidah Khadijah, a figure who is like a preserved jewel and a preserved pearl, with many advantages and praiseworthy character.


Among them: She Sayyidah Khadijah was the one who took the initiative to want Rasulullah to be her husband. She was also the first woman the Prophet married, the wedding reception that night was the first walimah made by the Prophet. She was the woman who accompanied the Messenger of Allah until the end of his life. Rasulullah also reciprocated this love by not marrying another woman until the end of his life, after seeing the sincerity of his khidmah. She was the wife who was buried by the Messenger of Allah in Makkah and the Messenger of Allah himself went down to her grave. She lived with the Messenger of Allah for 24 years in great harmony, being such a good life companion, loving the Messenger of Allah with all her love, justifying the message of the Messenger of Allah wholeheartedly. He never saw the Messenger of Allah wanting anything, except that he would bring it immediately, making it a gift in front of him. Before being sent as a prophet, the Messenger of Allah wanted Zaid bin Harisah, a small slave belonging to Sayyidah Khadijah, so at that time he also gave the child willingly, with this gift Zaid then got the glory of being the adopted son of Muhammad to be a happy, lucky person among the first to enter Islam and win the love of the leader of the messengers.


Among Sayyidah Khadijah’s privileges that raised her to the highest degree of honor and perfection was that she was the first to convert to Islam, whether from among men or women. She was the first to believe in the Prophet, helping and strengthening his struggle. Through Khadijah’s faith, Allah also alleviated all the sadness of the Prophet, eliminating all the fatigue, gloom and difficulty he experienced while preaching.


The Prophet never heard a word of lying, denial, or saw the stubbornness of the kuffar, then told it to Siti Khadijah, except that he would always get the best advice and solutions to overcome it. Sayyidah Khadijah was always able to ease the burden borne by the Prophet. She can provide peace of mind, provide affection, comfort, affirm good news for the future, encourage with beautiful ideals.


And it has been written in several hadiths that Sayyidah Khadijah had the honor of praying in congregation with the Prophet, being taught the practice of ablution and prayer facing the Grand Mosque. Previously, Archangel Gabriel had taught the Messenger of Allah how to pray before the five daily prayers were ordered on the night of his conversation with Allah (the incident of Isra Mi’raj). Before that, the Prophet prayed twice a day and night, morning and evening.


There is a narration from Yahya bin Afif who said: “I came to the city of Makkah during the Jahiliyyah, during the Hajj season, precisely in the area of Mina. I stopped at the house of Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib. At that time the sun was rising. A man came out of the tent near me, then he faced the Ka’bah, stood up and prayed. Not long after came a small child standing on his right, not long after came a woman standing behind them both. The first man bowed and was followed by the child and the woman. Then the man stood up and was followed by both of them, then he prostrated and they prostrated.


Then I asked Abbas, O Abbas, has something big happened?


Abbas replied, Yes, something important has happened.


Do you know who they are? I said, No. Abbas said, “The first man is Muhammad, my nephew. Do you know who the little boy is? I said, No. Abbas continued, “He is Ali bin Abi Talib. Do you know who the woman is?


Yahya replied, No.”


Abbas explained, She is Khadija bint Khuwailid, the wife of my nephew.


My nephew once said: Your true Lord is the creator of the heavens and the earth, He has commanded them (the three) by what you see. By Allah. I have never known anyone on the surface of this earth who followed this religion except those three.”


The narrator of this hadith named Afif said, “Oh…Had I believed at that time, I would have been the fourth person.” ‘


* “Heavenly Dwellers” women


Among the specialties of Sayyidah Khadijah – may Allah grant her mercy and honor -: She is the absolute best wife of the Prophet Muhammad. As the Prophet said: “The most excellent women in the whole world are Maryam, Fatimah, then Khadijah, then Asiyah the wife of Pharaoh” “. In a narration from the Companion Anas bin Malik: “Maryam bint Imran, Khadijah bint Khuwailid, Fatimah bint Muhammad, and Asiyah the wife of Pharaoh.” All of the above hadeeths are found in several books of hadeeth without doubt and have been ruled saheeh by the majority of major scholars. ?


It is also mentioned in some saheeh narrations that are not disputed by scholars that the Prophet said: “The best woman of her time was Maryam, and the best woman of her time was Khadijah”. This hadith was narrated by al-Bukhari and Muslim. ‘


The hadiths about the greatness of Sayyidah Khadijah are numerous and well known in several reference books of ahlis sunnah wal jamaah. Scholars globally agree that Sayyidah Maryam, Sayyidah Khadijah, Sayyidah Fatimah and Sayyidah Asiyah are the most excellent women in the world. May Allah be pleased with them all.


What is in dispute is which of the four women is the best? Some scholars have tried to determine which of them is the best, by trying to find interpretations and compromising several hadiths, but it does not seem to have made much difference.


* Beloved son and daughter


Among the privileges of Sayyidah Khadijah and her glorious biography is that all the sons and daughters of the Prophet were born to her. Except Ibrahim, because he was born to Sayyidah Mariyah Al-Oibtiyyah, a slave girl whom Mugaugis:, the king of Egypt and Iskandariyah gifted to the Messenger of Allah.


Sayyidah Khadijah had given birth to six children for the Messenger of Allah.


First: Oasim, the eldest son. With this name the Prophet received kunyah (nickname with the beginning of abu or ummu) among the people, and he was the first son to die. According to some opinions, he was buried in Makkah.


Second: Abdullah. Nicknamed Thahir and Thayyib. Because he was born after the advent of Islam. And died while still a child in Makkah.


Third: Zainab. The Prophet’s eldest daughter. Born before the Prophet was appointed as a Prophet. Married to Abul “Ash bin Rabi. She converted to Islam and migrated before her husband. Died at the beginning of the eighth year of hijri. Buried in Al-Bagi’ cemetery, and her grave is known to the public.


Fourth: Rugayyah.


Fifth: Ummu Kultsum. Previously, these two daughters of the Prophet were married to two sons of Abu Lahab who were destined for woe. When the Surah was revealed:



Abu Lahab became furious and said to both of them, “You shall not come together with me until you have divorced the daughter of Muhammad, who has reviled me.” The purpose of this order was nothing but to hurt the Prophet. So they both divorced the Prophet’s daughters before intercourse took place. And there was never any contact between them. This was a glory from Allah for the two daughters of the Prophet.


Then Sayyidah Rugayyah was married by Sayyidina Uthman bin Affan, then she left for migration with her husband to the land of Habashah to save their faith. After some time there, they then returned to Makkah, and then migrated to Madinah Al-Munawwarah. She died as the wife of Sayyidina Uthman and was buried in Al-Bagi’ cemetery.


Then Sayyidina Uthman bin Affan remarried the daughter of the Prophet named Ummu Kultsum. Ummu Kulsum also died while being Uthman’s wife. Her grave is in the famous Al-Bagi cemetery. Thus, Sayyidina Uthman had married two daughters of the Prophet. From here he was nicknamed Dhun Nurain (the owner of two lights). Had the Prophet had another unmarried daughter, it would have been given to Sayyidina Uthman bin Affan as well.


Sixth: Sayyidah Fatimah Al-Gharra’. Known by the nickname Al-Batul or Az-Zahra. The mother of Sayyidina Hasan and Sayyidina Husayn who were blessed by Allah. She was the wife of Sayyidina Ali bin Abi Talib Al-Murtadha. The figure who had made Sayyidah Fatimah happy and who had loved her with all her heart. Sayyidina Ali never married another woman until the end of Sayyidah Fatimah’s life. He died in the year u hijri at the age of thirty gamariah. He was buried in Al-Bagi cemetery according to the most authentic narration. According to another opinion, he was buried in his own house next to Hyjrah Sharifah which is now included in the Nabawi Mosque, but unfortunately this information is not based on proper history.


So from all the above information, it can be concluded that all the daughters of the Prophet have converted to Islam and migrated with the Prophet from the land of Makkah Mukarramah to Madinah Munawwarah.


They are the sons and daughters of the Messenger of Allah from Sayyidah Khadijah. May Allah give His pleasure and gather us in their group along with the Messenger of Allah, amen …


* Al Amin’s loyalty to Sayyidah Khadijah


Among Sayyidah Khadijah’s specialties is that the Prophet never once forgot Sayyidah Khadijah’s love for him. Rasulullah always remembers the beauty of the past when he was with her and maintains that goodness in his family. When a gift came to the Prophet, he always sent it to Sayyidah Khadijah’s family. When there was a distribution to the Companions, never once did the Prophet leave the family without a gift.


Sometimes he slaughtered the goat himself, then cut it into pieces, then sent it to his companions and Sayyidah Khadijah’s relatives. When Sayyidah Aisha’s heart was jealous of Sayyidah Khadijah, the Prophet said: “I have been blessed with her love. So I love whoever loves her”.’


* Sayyidah Aisha’s jealousy


Among the privileges of Sayyidah Khadijah that are narrated by hadith experts, and recorded in various books of hadith and history, is that the Prophet always mentioned her name, always told the public the fragrance of her life history, recounted her devotion, praised her with the best praise, recited istighfar for her, always prayed for her, often recounted her glory and her majesty, her perfection. And this the Prophet did without getting tired of it, even though it was a long time ago.


When Sayyidah Aisha heard the Messenger of Allah talking about her, she became jealous and said: “Isn’t she a woman who has reddened her gums (a metaphor for the loss of teeth due to age), is old and decrepit. And Allah has replaced her with a better one, with a young girl.”


So as soon as the Messenger of Allah heard these words, he got angry and said,: “Allah has never replaced him with anyone better than him. He was the one who first believed in me when people denied me. He was the one who confirmed me when people denied me. He was the one who gave me all that he had when people prevented me. And from him Allah has given me children, while none of you have.”


And mentioned in several hadiths from Sayyidah Aisha Ash-Shiddigiyah, she said: “Once the Messenger of Allah was talking about Khadijah very seriously. Suddenly I became jealous and said something that was not worth saying. Instantly the Prophet’s face changed as if he had received a revelation. I became confused by my words and felt deep regret for my impudence. Then I prayed: O Allah. If You remove the anger from the Messenger of Allah at this time, I will never mention Khadijah with unworthy words again forever”. So when the Messenger of Allah saw me in this state, he forgave me, and mentioned again her other brilliant merits.” ‘


From this information it can be understood that Sayyidah Aisha’s jealousy was not due to anger or hostility, but arose from human nature like a woman. And Sayyidah Aisha herself narrated the glory of Sayyidah Khadijah. Had it not been for this narration, we would not know who Khadijah was and what her story was.


* Gabriel sends greetings


Including the privileges of Siti Khadijah are: Allah sent the angel Gabriel to send greetings to Sayyidah Khadijah. He said,: “O Muhammad, soon Khadija will come to you with a container of soup and food. When she comes, convey greetings from Allah and from me”. And when this message had been conveyed, Sayyidah Khadija said back: Allah As-Salam (who gives salvation), and from Him salvation, also I greet Jibril”. This information is mentioned in the Saheeh of al-Bukhari and Muslim.”


* Home in Heaven


Among the privileges of Sayyidah Khadijah, as narrated by Imam Al-Bukhari and Muslim, that the angel Gabriel gave the good news that Allah had given her a house in heaven. The angel Gabriel said,: “Give her the good news that she has a house in Paradise made of pearls, there is no noise and no fatigue there.” ‘


Willing to Suffer


Among the privileges of Sayyidah Khadijah is that she faced times of joy and sorrow together with the Messenger of Allah She was not willing when the Messenger of Allah was boycotted on the hillside by his people. So she came out of her luxurious house, out of her strong position to join the Messenger of Allah on the hillside, and joined the people who were boycotted. He did not care that he was over 60 years old. For the sake of accompanying the leader of the prophets. He was willing to exchange his luxurious life for a rough and hard life. How often he felt thirsty and hungry, because at that time the Quraysh prohibited the entire community from giving food and drink. So it is appropriate for History to respect and bow its head before his majesty, and crown the pages of its history for the nobility of his behavior.


Conclusion: The virtues of Sayyidah Khadijah are countless, unlimited. For what is the meaning of our praise when compared to the praise of the Messenger of Allah who has spoken about her, who has mentioned her name in front of the public, who has raised her rank higher than the women in this universe, under any circumstances, who has mentioned her virtues and glory with certainty, who has thanked for some attitudes towards her by believing and justifying.


How great is his character, how noble is his life history, which is the core trait of a noble believer, as said by the great Messenger of Allah: “Verily, the character that a believer should have is to be strong in religion, firm but flexible, believe in his beliefs, enthusiastic in studying, compassionate in loving, gentle when knowing, wise in wealth, appearing sufficient even though he actually needs it, feeling uncomfortable with greed, earning from halal, always istigamah in goodness, always active in providing guidance, always prohibiting acts of lust, always providing love for people who are in need. Indeed, the believer should not do wrong to those he hates, should not sin against those he loves, should not waste the trust that has been entrusted to him, should not have jealousy, and should not criticize. When he is tossed about he remains steadfast, and when he is happy he is grateful.” ‘ It is as if all these noble qualities were already present in Sayyidah Khadijah.









Death of Sayyidah Khodijah


And when the perfection of Sayyidah Khadijah was complete, the high degree had also settled on her, and extended the light and signs of her many wonders, then at such a time Allah called her, on the 11th of Ramadan, three years before the Messenger of Allah hijriah to Medina, according to the most authentic narration. According to another narration, it was four or seven years before that. At that time the Prophet did not pray for him because there was no Shari’ah for funeral prayer.


At that time the Messenger of Allah came down to his funeral, placed his body properly, also leveled the ground above it. And the event of the Messenger of Allah directly descending on this funeral is also a special virtue that is not obtained by other wives. May Allah give His blessings to all the wives of the Messenger of Allah until the Day of Judgment.


When he died, he was 65 years old and was buried in the cemetery of Mu’alla, which is known as Al-Hajun. This news about being buried in Mu’alla, although narrated with ahaad sanad, is well known to everyone.









Strings of Prayer


And when our ears gain the glory of hearing the story of Sayyidah Khadija, with the explanation of her virtues, and the recitation of some of her treads, then it is appropriate for us to close all this with supplication, while facing Allah, with sincere hearts towards Him, we say:


All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Peace and blessings be upon the noblest messenger, our lord Muhammad, as well as his family and friends.


O Allah… You are the One most worthy of mention, the One most deserving of worship, the One most merciful of all those who rule, the One most generous of all those who are asked, the most generous of all those who give. You are the king with whom there is no partner, the One with whom there is no equal. Everything is doomed to destruction apart from Your Essence. No one can obey You except with Your permission. And there is no one who disobeys You unless You Know it. You are the One who is obeyed and rewarded. You are the One who is disobeyed but always forgives. You are the closest of all those who see. You are the closest guardian. You are the one who blocks the heart. You are the One who is in control of all creation. You are the one who records all footsteps, and who can change the decree.


The whole heart goes out to you. All secrets to you appear clear. The lawful is that which You have made lawful. What is forbidden is what You forbid. Religion is the rule that You set. What happens is what You have decided. All creation is Your creature. All creatures are Your servants. And You are the Forgiving and Merciful Allah.


We ask with the light of Your face that illuminates the heavens and the earth, and with all the truth that You possess and with the honor of those who invoke You, that You forgive us, that You save us from the heat of hellfire, by Your power. O One who is the most merciful of all those who love.


O Allah… We praise You for the guidance You have given, we thank You for the blessings You have bestowed, we ask for Your help to take care of all the blessings You have granted. We ask for guidance so that we can continue to be grateful for Your protection against all kinds of calamities. We seek refuge from the misspeakings, the slips of the heart, from the perversions committed by the dwellers of the age. We ask that You soften the fate of Your decrees and destinies, and soften Your help for Your decrees. We ask forgiveness for words that cause regret, or actions” that cause slipping of the foot. You are the refuge of those who surrender, the clinging place for those who trust You.


And I leave my affairs to Allah. Verily, Allah is All-Seeing of His servants. (OS. Ghafir: 44).


O our Lord, it is to You alone that we put our trust, it is to You alone that we repent, and it is to You alone that we return. (OS. Al-Mumtahanah: 4).


O Allah… Open our hearts to always remember You, give us the sustenance to worship You and obey Your Messenger Muhammad, to be able to carry out the contents of Your holy book, following the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad.


O Allah… Make us forever people who fear You, as if we see You, until we meet You. Make us happy with Your piety, do not make us wretched by disobeying You.


O Allah… We ask for Your guidance and piety, Your care, riches with You, good prejudice towards You, and noble character.


O Allah… Enough for us with what is halal without the need for what is haram, by obeying You without the need for disobedience, feeling enough with Your gifts without the need for others.


O Allah… We seek refuge in You from the severity of trials, the multiplicity of afflictions, the badness of decrees, the excitement of enemies, the chronicity of illnesses, and the loss of hope.


O Allah… Cleanse our hearts from hypocrisy, our deeds from riyak (wanting to be praised), our speech from lying, our eyes from betrayal, for surely You are aware of the treacherous eyes and what is hidden in the chest.


O Allah… Make all our affairs right while we are alive, refresh us while we have life left.


Bless everything you entrust to us. Take care of everything you entrust to us. Give us mercy when You die. Give us forgiveness if You count our deeds. Do not revoke this faith after You have given Your guidance.


O Allah… We ask for mercy from Your side that can show us the right path. Gather our strength. Bring back everything that has been scattered. Protect us from fitnah. Improve our situation. Guard the things we are not present for. Elevate our testimony. Brighten our faces. Purify our deeds. Inspire us to tread the straight path. Keep us from all evil.


O Allah… Give us sincere faith, conviction that there is no denial afterward, grace with which we can reach Your glory.


O Allah… We ask for good fortune in each of Your decisions, the rank of Your martyrs, the company of the Prophets, and victory over all enemies.


O God… Take our hands when we are crushed. Open the eyes of our hearts to see the true things. Give us the guidance to do the things that make You love and pleased. Do not let us slip. Do not tear the mosquito net of Your kindness. Keep us from the ugly forms of death. Protect us from the wiles of traitors, from the excitement of enemies. Give delicate treatment to our every move. Guard us from all directions. Yaa Arhamar Rahimin.


O Allah… Give us wealth with which You keep us from the temptations of this world, and You make us sufficient from the servants of this world, as well as a means of reaching better than it. For indeed there is no power and no effort except with You.


O Allah… We ask for perfect favors, comprehensive mercy, lasting prosperity, a comfortable life, a life full of happiness, perfect goodness, comprehensive favors, righteous deeds, useful knowledge, extensive sustenance.


O Allah… Be on our side, do not antagonize us. End our deaths beautifully. Make sure our good deeds continue to grow. Accompany our mornings and evenings with salvation. Allocate Your mercy to our place of return. Pour out Your forgiveness for our sins. Grant us to improve our good deeds. Cover our shortcomings. Make Your piety our provision. Our earnestness for Your religion, our trust is only in You.


O Allah… Strengthen us in doing istigamah. Protect us from regret on the Day of Judgment. Lighten the burden of our sins. Give us a happy life. Guard us and remove the evil of the wicked. Free us, our fathers and mothers from the shackles of hell. Yaa Aziz. Yaa Ghaffar. Yaa Karim. Yaa Sattar. Yaa Halim. Yaa Jabbar. Birahmatika yaa Arhamar Rahimin.


O Allah… As You granted Sayyidah Khadijah the faith and conviction to believe in the Messenger of Allah &, so grant this to us too, O One who has first been good. And as You granted her the virtue of being able to glorify the honor of the Messenger of Allah, keep his promise and trust, support his group and preaching, follow the path of modesty, and strengthen his arguments, so grant us this too. Give us a large and perfect share of it. Guide us to always adhere to the Sunnah and follow his religion so that we die relying on it. Lead us in his company and under his flag. Make us part of his entourage. Bring us to his lake, give us a drink from his glass. Give us the benefit of loving him. Grant us forgiveness, guard us from calamities and disasters and fitnah, whether apparent or hidden. Forgive us, and all believers and believers, Muslims and Muslims, living and dead.


May Allah always bestow peace and blessings upon our Lord Muhammad, his family and companions.



Praise from Sykeh Muhammaad Nur Saif

When our teacher: Assyeikh Muhammad Nur Saif, one of the great scholars and teachers at the Grand Mosque, saw this article, he composed a verse:


O author of the book of Al-Busyra, be fortunate. Because you will get al-busyra, the good news, by getting the pleasure of your noblest grandmother.


You will always be at peace with the person you love, everything you wish for in this world and the hereafter.