Meaning: “Says the one who expects mercy from the Almighty, namely (Sheikh) Ahmad, who is known by the nickname Ad-Dardiri.”


Meaning: “All Praise belongs only to Allah, the Most Sublime, the One, the All-Knowing, the One, the All-Rich and the Most Glorious”.


Meaning: “The most excellent salutations and peace be upon the chosen and noble prophet”.


Meaning: “And peace and blessings be upon the family and companions of the holy prophet, and especially upon his companions who were with him in the cave”.


It means: “(This) Nadzam (describes) the noble creed, I have named this Nadzam Al-Kharidah Al-Bahiyyah”.


It means: “(Although this Nadzam) is thin and very small in form, it contains a great deal of knowledge”.


It means: “The knowledge in this nadzam is sufficient for you, if you want to learn only this nadzam. Because this nadzam is complete with the essence of the discussion of this subject matter (the science of Tawheed)”.


It means: “I ask Allah that my deeds be accepted, that this Nadzam be beneficial, and that all mistakes and sins be forgiven”.


Meaning: “The divisions of the intellect (rulings determined by the intellect) – it is certain – are three: obligatory, then impossible,


It means: “Then Jawaz (whether it is possible or not), which is the third ruling. Therefore, understand! May you be granted the blessing of understanding (of all knowledge).”


Meaning: “It is obligatory upon the believer to know Allah, the Most High. Therefore, know!”


Meaning: It is obligatory to know the obligatory, impossible, and possible attributes of Allah.”


Meaning: “(These three attributes) are equally (obligatory for the believer to know and) possessed by the messengers of Allah, May all honor be upon them”.


Meaning: “The obligatory attribute (fixed for Allah) “Aqli (which is determined by the intellect) is an attribute that is not accepted by the intellect, It will be absent in the nature of Allah. So pray and supplicate humbly to Allah!”.


Meaning: “An impossible attribute is any attribute that cannot exist in the Essence of Allah. It is the opposite of the first attribute (the obligatory attribute).”


Meaning: “Every thing that may not exist, and may exist, is called Ja’iz, without a doubt”.


Meaning: “Then know! Indeed, the universe, i.e., everything other than Allah, is the Most High and the All-Knowing,


Meaning: There is no doubt that they are all new things and in need (of Allah), for they are always changing”.


Meaning: “The new nature of the universe is due to its existence and form after it did not exist. The opposite of the new nature is called the nature of gidam (omnipresence that does not begin with nothing)”.


Meaning: “Know that the attribute of ‘existence’ is one of the obligatory attributes of Allah, who is the One and Most Worshipped.”


Meaning: “For it is clear that every effect is indicative of that which exerts the effect. Therefore, learn from it!”.


Meaning: “This attribute (the attribute of existence) is called the attribute of “Nafsiyyah”. Then, after this attribute, five other attributes will be mentioned which are called “Salbiyyah’ (eliminating) attributes”.


Meaning: “(These five attributes) are the attributes of gidam dzat (not preceded by nothingness) and baga’ (eternal). Know that He is self-sufficient – may you attain the trait of piety – Mukhalafah lil ghairi (different from others), all-sufficient. In His Essence or sublime attributes, and deeds. Influence no one has, except for the Almighty. Most sublime and high He is”.


It means: “Whoever says (and believes that effects or effects can be caused) by character or causes, then that will make him a disbeliever according to the Muslims”.


Meaning: “Whoever says (and believes that influences and effects can be caused) by the power that is entrusted (to something), then this can be a heresy. So do not look to this opinion!”.


It means: “If Allah did not have the five attributes of Salbiyyah, Allah would be a new entity, and this is impossible. So be diligent in doing good!”.


Meaning: “Because (if Allah had the attribute of hadith as a result of not having the attribute of salbiyyah) it would cause a chain, and a rotation (in the Essence that has influence). This is clearly impossible.”


Meaning: “He (Allah) is the most glorious, the most beautiful, the most powerful, the most visible, the most pure, the most possessed, and the most sublime.


Meaning: He is the One who is purified from place, direction, connection, separation, and ignorance.”


Meaning: “Then, the ma’ani attributes are seven in number for the one who knows, among others, His all-encompassing knowing,

His living nature, His capable nature, and His willing nature. Nothing that exists is independent of His will.


Meaning: “If Allah really commands something contrary (to His will),

Then the purpose of that is not the command (which is prescribed). So avoid arguing.


Meaning: “With the explanation in the above nadzam, you will finally know the four divisions in the universe that already exists.

So, memorize this situation as it has passed!”


Meaning: “(Among the fifth, sixth and seventh attributes of Allah are) Allah’s speech, Allah’s hearing and Allah’s sight.

He is a God who is all-doing and of His own will”.


Meaning: “(In discussing ma’ani attributes) it is obligatory (to) attribute these attributes (to the thing to which they refer). (This stipulation is) necessary and forever, other than His attribute of life.”


Meaning: “The all-knowing nature and the supreme speech of Allah, both of which are definitely related to all the divisions of the ‘Aqli rulings (obligatory, ja’iz, and impossible)”.


Meaning: “Allah’s omnipotence and will are definitely connected, with everything that may or may not happen without exception. O one who fears”


Meaning: “Be sure that Allah is all-hearing and all-seeing, both of which are related to everything that exists and is known (by Allah)”.


Meaning: “All of these attributes (ma’ani attributes) are gadim (not preceded by nothing) and remain in the Essence (of Allah), because they are not something that is not the Essence of Allah”.


Meaning: “Then, Allah’s speech is not in the form of letters, nor is it composed (of one letter with another, and of one word with another) as is known (from the speech of creatures)”.


Meaning: “It is impossible (according to reason) for Allah to have any attributes that are contrary to the above attributes, encompassing all the attributes of the Most High and Holy. So know!”.


Meaning: “The reason why Allah has these attributes is because if He did not have these attributes, He would be recognized as having the opposite attributes (to the ma’ani attributes).”


Meaning: “Anyone who has a trait that is opposite to the trait of ma’ani, then this will be very needy and dependent on other things”.


Meaning: “Allah, the One and Only, is not in need of anything else. All glorious, all rich, and all capable is He”.


Meaning: “It is not obligatory (ja’iz) for Allah to make things happen, not to make them happen, to make them miserable and to make them happy”.


Meaning: “Whoever says (Muktazilah) that doing good is obligatory for Allah, then he has behaved badly.”


Meaning: “Be assured, my brother, of seeing Allah with infinity, later in Paradise for eternity”.


Meaning: “Because it is possible (ja’iz) to see Allah in Paradise by reasoning, and there is evidence (from the Qur’an or the hadith) that this is the case”.


Meaning: “Characterize all messengers with the traits of trustworthiness, honesty, conveyance, and intelligence”.


Meaning: “It is impossible for the messengers to have the opposite of the four attributes mentioned above. And it is possible (ja’iz) for them to engage in activities such as eating (and all the activities that a normal human being would do)”.


Meaning: “The sending of the messengers is a gift and mercy (from Allah), for the universe. Great is the One who gives favors”.


Meaning: “It is obligatory to have faith and believe in the reckoning of deeds, the Day on which all beings are led, the punishment and reward.


Meaning: “(It is also obligatory to believe in the existence of) the day of resurrection, the bridge (that passes over Hell), the balance of deeds, the Telaga (prophet Muhammad), Hell and Paradise.


It means: “(It is also obligatory to believe in the existence of) jinn, angels, then prophets, angels, wildan (little children of heaven’s servants), then saints”.


Meaning: “And (it is also obligatory to believe and trust in) all the news conveyed by the prophet, the bearer of good news, covering all rulings (sharia or beliefs) that are like the dharuri rulings (rulings that are already known by all the common people or scholars)”.


Meaning: “All the rulings that have been explained, including all the rulings, have been collected in the sentence of Islam (shahada)”.


Meaning: “Therefore, recite and remember the words of Islam in a civilized manner, and you will undoubtedly rise to the highest level with this remembrance”.


Meaning: “Win the feeling of fear (of Allah) over the feeling of hope (of Allah’s mercy). Keep walking towards your Lord without moving away from the straight path”.


Meaning: “Always renew your repentance after every sin and sin. Never despair of the mercy of Allah, who is the most forgiving”.


Meaning: “Be the one who increases gratitude for all His favors, and be the one who increases patience for all His trials and calamities”.


Meaning: “For everything must be based on Allah’s decree and certainty. And everything that has been determined by Allah will certainly not be avoided”.


Meaning: “Be thou one who resigns (to the will of Allah) that thou mayest attain salvation, And follow the path of the pious worshipers”.


Meaning: “Cleanse your hearts from everything other than Allah, By striving and praying at the times of sahoor (the last third of the night)”.


Meaning: “(and also, purify your hearts by) contemplating (the majesty of Allah), remembering always, Abstaining from all sins”.


Meaning: “(And also, cleanse your heart by) feeling that you are always monitored by Allah in all circumstances, so that you can rise to the top of the degree of perfection”.


Meaning: “(After you have done all that) then say with humiliation, “O my Lord, do not break my relationship with You, with something that breaks it, and also do not prevent me,

From Your secret gift (divine light) which is very bright and can remove blindness (the eyes of the heart).

May You also end my life well, O most merciful of the most merciful”.



“All praise belongs only to Allah for the perfection (of this book). Peace and blessings be upon the Prophet of the Banu Hashim, the Seal of the Prophets. Peace and blessings be upon the family and companions of the noble prophet.”